Booboo Bunny!
Image: Booboo Bunny with Icecube
Booboo Bunny was designed for you and your children. Booboo Bunny will help relieve the pain from those bumps, scratches, ouchies, and booboo's. Just place the ice cube in his belly and place Booboo Bunny on that booboo! Ah isn't that so refreshingly soothing. HOMunniEs Booboo Bunny now comes with a reusable plastic ice cube.

Please Note: Your Bunny may or may not be the same color as the one pictured. If you have not chosen a color for your bunny, you will receive a color of our choice. If you would like us to surprise you, choose the Surprise Color from the drop down menu. The color choice is the primary color of our bunnies, may contain a stripe in different color or design, you choose only the base color. The material of the bunny you receive may be different then the one pictured.

All Bunnies except Baby Bunny (Baby Bunny's Eyes, Nose, and Whiskers are marker) contains, googly eyes, a ribbon, and a bead for a nose with a bow for whiskers. This Product is not suitable for children under 5 years old, contains small parts. Booboo Bunny and the ice cube has no healing power, it is used to comfort the child.

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Item Number: HOMBUN--01
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